About the Hostel

Coldstream House is an integral part of SBHS and the hostel has been a special feature of the school since its establishment in 1954.  Coldstream House is located just across the road from the school and caters for a hundred students from Years 7 – 13.  Most are 5 day boarders, returning home each weekend, while some take up the option of staying for weekends and/or holidays.  The boarders are mainly from rural Southland or are international students attending Southland Boys’ High School.

Family Care

The Hostel Manager, Sue Mills ensures that the Hostel is the boys’ home away from home.  She and the staff develop a close relationship with each and every boy.  The school’s values of Compassion, Honesty, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility and Service are the cornerstone stone on which hostel life is based.  The boys develop a sense of belonging and are encouraged to look after each other and empowered to be independent and responsible young men.  Staff/student relationships are mutually respectful.


Juniors live in dormitory style accommodation while Seniors accommodation varies.  Prefects have the privilege of single/double rooms and there are rooms available to accommodate from 2 – 10 boys.


A German-trained Chef, Theo, has been employed by our contractors for a number of years.  Theo has a passion for food and knows exactly what it takes to satisfy young men’s appetites. The food is absolutely amazing, nutritionally balanced and the menus are designed to meet the needs and likes of teenage boys.