Code of Conduct

The SBHS sports Code of Conduct is based on the six school values:

Southland Boys’ High School

Code of Conduct for Teams in Cultural and Sporting Pursuits



I will show honesty by understanding how my behaviour and attitude impact on my team or my sport. I will accept honest and constructive criticism as a means of improving my skills and my ability to contribute to the team, sport or school


I will commit to my team or sport, not just on when actively playing, but by showing service through fundraising, supporting my team mates and coaches


I will persevere in sport by trying my best at all times and working hard to improve my own skills and supporting my team mates to play to the best of our ability


I will be responsible for managing my actions and being a good team member by attending practices regularly, setting up and cleaning up for practices and games, being reliable and punctual, and showing leadership. I will act responsibly when involved in any team activity


I will show respect to my team mates, coaches and the opposition by playing fairly within the rules and codes of the game


I will show compassion by recognising the efforts of others and by working to make our team a family