“… learning about life…”

Welcome to the Commerce Department where a variety of academically challenging subjects are taught.  All Commerce subjects equip students to understand the business world, succeed in academic life and give them the skills required to face the challenges of everyday life.


Accounting is available to students in the senior school.  It allows students to develop numeracy skills and to process financial data from theoretical to real life situations.  It helps students develop the ability to evaluate alternatives, consider the consequences of financial decisions and provide end of year financial documents.

Business NZ Challenge

Run over three days, in association with Southland Girls’ High School, towards the end of Term 3, teams of Year 11 students compete in a Business Planning Challenge.  The student “companies” have to come up with a product idea and decide how they would produce, market and finance the venture.  Members of the local business community judge the final presentations.  The judges seek evidence of work ethic, co-operation and the presentation of the “business ventures”.

Business Studies

Business Studies is a challenging course that involves compulsory participation in the Young Enterprise Scheme and also covers such topics as motivational theory, marketing, problem solving and recording financial data.  This course if offered at Year 12 only.


Economics is all about choice and decision-making.  It suits those with an interest in business, international affairs, environmental issues and politics.  Economics increases understanding of many current issues (for example inequity, inflation, growth) and the skills developed will give students the ability to analyse such problems in society.  Studying Economics increases knowledge and understanding of the world.

Enterprise Studies

Enterprise Studies is a half year course for Year 10 students.  Students cover some basic Economics (business goals, types of business, supply and demand) and Accounting (how to produce balance sheets).  As well, a major part of the course is developing, marketing, financing and, hopefully, making a profit from their own small business.

Young Enterprise Scheme

Students develop a small business enterprise of their own.  They think of an innovative product, produce it, finance and market it and hopefully make a profit from it.  The product is presented to a panel of judges from the local business community.