Design Technology

Technology – BCATS and BCITO

In Technology, students prepare to make a difference in the world by learning to be innovative developers of products and systems who work creatively for discerning consumers.

Students use practical and intellectual resources to produce technological outcomes.

Quality outcomes result from thinking and practices that are informed, critical and creative.

At Southland Boys’ High School we offer Building Construction and Allied Trades (BCATS) – Years 11 and 12 and Building Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) – Year 13.

At Years 11-13 students will:

  • Engage in safe working practices
  • Show evidence of knowledge gained
  • Keep a record of work
  • Maintain a diary

This mirror was completed by a Year 11 student for NCEA Level 1

This chair is a Year 12 student’s work for NCEA Level 2

This eco-friendly solar passive home project was completed by a Year 13 student for NCEA Level 3