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Cathy Wylie is a Chief Researcher at NZCER (New Zealand Council of Educational Research) and Melanie Berg is an Assistant Statistician.  This report explores the achievement of school leavers from state and state-integrated boys’ schools.  The analysis from 2010 to 2012 shows school leavers from state boys’ schools had higher qualifications than their male counterparts who attended state co-educational schools.  The research was carried out for the Association of Boys’ Schools of New Zealand.  In 2012, 28 percent of boys leaving state and state integrated schools came from 43 boys’ schools.  The study gathered data from each school on the percentage of their school leavers who attained University Entrance, at least NCEA level 2 or equivalent, or left school without a qualification. Medians were then calculated for each qualification category for boys’ schools, and comparable data gathered from state and state-integrated coeducational secondary schools for male school leavers.