Digital Technologies

The Digital Technologies aims to connect students with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills with digital technologies so they are equipped to respond to rapid changes in our society. Digital Technologies sits within the Technology learning area of the New Zealand curriculum.

The learning strengthens students’ core knowledge related to the management of digital information, including ethical issues relating to the use of digital information and the key features of some new application software. Learning is put in a context that is relevant to the students at the time of teaching and students apply their knowledge and skills to specific project briefs.

The Digital Technologies supports whole school learning by encouraging other faculties to relate their learning to ICT and offers regular tutorial sessions to students.

Digital Technologies Subject website

The subject has created a website that contains information on all projects at each year level and the websites and programs created by all the students in the subject. This website is regularly updated with student projects across a range of year levels to give a clear picture of the skills students gain from the subject.

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