“Ko tōu reo, ko tōku reo,
te tuakiri tangata.
Tīhei uriuri, tīhei nakonako”

“Your voice and my voice are expressions of identity.
May our descendants live on and our hopes be fulfilled.”

(Learning Languages Whakataukī, New Zealand Curriculum, 2007)

Through Languages at Southland Boys’ High School, students learn a means of communication with people from another culture and explore that culture alongside their own personal world.  Languages connect people both locally and globally.  As they move between and respond to different languages and different cultural practices, students are challenged to consider their own identities and assumptions.

At Southland Boys’ High School, the following languages are offered:

  • Te Reo Māori (the official language of New Zealand)
  • Japanese

At Year 7-8, students complete a five week “taster” option of languages so that they can experience learning a language.  At Year 9-10, students can take any of the languages offered as a half year course.  At Year 11-13, students take a whole year NCEA Achievement Standards Course.

Te Reo Māori

By learning te reo and becoming increasingly familiar with tikanga, Māori students strengthen their identities, while non-Māori journey towards shared cultural understandings.  All who learn te reo Māori help to secure its future as a living, dynamic and rich language.  As they learn, they come to appreciate that diversity is a key to unity.

By learning te reo Māori, students are able to:

  • Participate with understanding and confidence in situations where te reo and tikangi Māori predominate and to integrate language and cultural understandings into their lives
  • Strengthen Aotearoa New Zealand’s identity in the world
  • Broaden their entrepreneurial and employment options to include work in an ever-increasing range of social, legal, educational, business and professional settings.

Cultural Opportunities through Languages

By studying a language, students are undertaking learning that is authentic and connected to our world.  The Languages Faculty supports high levels of student engagement through a range of cultural activities.

Kumagaya Koko Cultural Exchange (Japanese)

Every year, cultural exchanges take place with our brother school Kumagaya Koko.  Students have the opportunity to interact and experience Japanese culture while using their communication skills.

Year 7-8 Kapa Haka Rōpū

This group performs at the annual Pūtangitangi Competitions as well as at other school and community events.

Year 9-13 Te Ara Hau Ki Mua

Te Ara Hau Ki Mua is the name of the combined Southland Boys’ and Southland Girls’ High Schools group.  The aim of this group is to compete and perform in the community as well as performing and competing at the Otago/Southland Secondary Schools’ regional competitions.