Physical Education


In Health and Physical Education at Southland Boys, students learn about their own wellbeing and that of others and society, in health related and movement contexts.


The learning activities in Health, Physical Education and Outdoor Education at Southland Boys’ High School focus on four strands and their achievement objectives.

These strands are:

  • Personal Health and Physical Development so that students can maintain and enhance their personal wellbeing and physical development
  • Movement and Motor Skill Development – enhancing attitudes and building confidence in physical activity
  • Relationships with Others – which allows our students to enhance their interactions with others
  • Healthy Communities – in which students contribute and are involved in their local environment


At Years 7-10 students develop a strong focus on improving their personal fitness and applying themselves in their movement skills.  Students will also be involved in enhancing team performance through constructive social activites and problem solving opportunities.

At Years 11-13 students have the opportunity to access whole year NCEA assessment courses in Health and Personal Wellbeing, Outdoor Education (Year 12) and a High Performance Programme.

Varying levels of courses will cater for the individual needs of our students.


Outdoor Education (Year 12 in 2013)

Students develop confidence and learn new skills in an outdoor setting, working both on their individual skills and as a team to achieve goals.

High Performance (Years 12 and 13)

Students can apply to be involved in the High Performance Programme which provides a mentoring and assistance programme for the elite athletes at Southland Boys’ High School.