Scientists use logical, systematic methods, creative insight and respect for evidence to debate and communicate ideas that explain our natural and physical world and the wider universe. The Nature of Science is the overarching strand that unifies all aspects of learning in Science. Through it, students learn what Science is and how scientists work and think. They develop the skills, attitudes and values to build a foundation for understanding the world while learning how to communicate scientific knowledge and connect it to everyday decisions and actions.

Science is a compulsory core subject from Y7 – 11. In Y 7 and 8, students complete a 5 week block of Science twice a year, in a laboratory with a specialist teacher. In Y9, 10 and 11, Science is split into three bands (Advanced, Proficient and Basic) and students are able to choose (with guidance) which band they wish to complete their study in. Study of the Living World, The Planet Earth and Beyond, the Physical World and the Material World provides specific contexts for study in Y7 – 10. At Y10 Agriculture and Horticulture is offered as a half-year option.

In Y12 – 13, students are able to specialise in one or more science disciplines:

Agriculture and Horticultural Science
General Science (Y12)

The General Science option is for students who have an interest in Science and wish to maintain their knowledge and skills. Agriculture/Horticulture, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are designed to lead to tertiary study.

At Y 7 – 8 the Science Faculty supports students to enter Australasian competitions and the Southland Science Fair. As well, SBHS senior students are encouraged to enter for science scholarships and awards through Rotary, MacDiarmids, the Sir Peter Blake Trust and other such organisations. In Y13, The Elman and Alfred Poole Scholarship offers financial support to a top SBHS Science scholar.