Social Sciences

Social Science is a core subject at Years 7-10.  It helps students to understand their own society and the wider world around them and teaches them to view the perspectives of others with both respect and compassion.

Social Science topics are chosen specifically to engage boys’ interest and the programme aims to provide them with authentic and connected learning experiences that they can build on in the future, both in their working and personal lives.

In Years 7 and 8 Social Science is offered as part of the Topic Programme.  At Years 9 and 10 students select their level of study – Basic, Proficient or Advanced – which provides a literacy and metacognitive focus which challenges each student and expects them to work at a level that reflects their ability.  In Years 11-13, the Social Sciences branch out into specialised areas.


In Geography, students study the mechanics of our planet, how and why it functions the way it does.  The subject uses both historical and contemporary case studies to analyse and evaluate the impact that human decisions have on the natural environment.  Future thinking is engaged when students consider the practices that are sustainable for the future of the planet.  The course combines the disciplines of Botany, Biology, Literacy and Archaeology.


History teaches perspective.  It allows us to understand the events that have shaped our world.  Learning is focused on researching, analysing and interpreting information to make rational and informed decisions.  The topics, chosen with boys in mind, are chosen to act as a catalyst to high achievement through engagement.  The bi-ennial history tour of Vietnam is an example of “first-hand” learning.


Tourism provides students with an opportunity to study the working dynamics of New Zealand’s fastest growing industry.  Students work through material supplied by the Australisian Travel and Tourism Organisation and then sit assessments that provide them with credits.

Senior Social Studies

This course offers a combination of geography, history and commerce skills for students at Year 11.  All credits available in this course are internally assessed.  Senior Social Studies is for those who find it too difficult to access the literacy aspect of the year long course in each subject.