Student News and Stories

Luis from Uruguay, South America

Hello!  I’m Luis from Uruguay, South America.  I spent an amazing six months living in Invercargill and going to Southland Boys’ High School.  I learnt so many things and I have made lots of friends.

I am hooker in the Under 16 Southland Boys’ High School rugby team. We practise twice a week after school.  I have made lots of friends through playing rugby.    Some weekends we travel to our game and so far I have played Menzies College out at Edendale and  Midlands in Winton.  This gives me a great opportunity to have a look around Southland at the same time.

One of the subjects I have really enjoyed at Southland Boys is Catering.  I have never taken this subject before.  It has given me the chance to learn something new and I will use this skill when I return home.

Another subject I have enjoyed is Physical Education.  I have learned to play cricket, golf and Aussie Rules (which I don’t play at home).

I love my homestay family – they have been awesome.   They have taken me to Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wanaka.   I have three host brothers and host Mum and Dad.  When I go home to Uruguay I will keep in touch and you never know, we may see each other again in the future.

Pedro from Chile

My name is Pedro Bezanilla from Chile.  I arrived at Southland Boys’ High School in 2012.  I have been here now for six terms.  I have participated in a range of sports that Southland Boys’ High School offer.  For example, Athletics, Rugby for 2nd XV and 1st XV and Sevens where we participated in a competition in Auckland.  I also went on a pre-season rugby tour of Australia in July with the 1st XV.  So far, that was the highlight of my time here in Invercargill – the Australian trip was awesome.

I intend to complete my Level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA levels at Southland Boys’ High School.  I will continue studying at Southland Boys’ High School.  My plan is to go to university after my secondary schooling.   Southland Boys’ High School has made me feel so welcome   I have made some lifelong friends and I hope to stay in New Zealand for much longer!

Poom from Thailand

My name is Decha Niramaithaworn, people called me Poom as it is much easier to remember.  I come from a city called Khon Kaen located in the North-East part of Thailand. I started to study at SBHS at October 2010 and left school in April 2013. In my house, I lived with seven people that is mum, dad, me, my little brother, aunt and my grand parents.  It’s quite a big family compared with how people in NZ lived in a house. My house is not a house, it’s a store and we lived on top of the building.  My dad owns a business of his own and my mum is an accountant.  We are furniture retailers, in other words, we sell furniture.  In the future I want to become an architect as I love to draw.

It was a great pleasure studying at Southland Boys’ High School.  I have learned a lot from the school and its values.  I learned about  friendship, respect and also the six strong values of the school as well as the school motto, “Not for School but for Life we are Learning”.  Not only were the things I learned good but also the environment that I lived in was much better. As most people say, getting a good education comes from a great environment and SBHS has both.

The hostel was one of the best places that I spent my time with my mates and teachers because we were one big family that I always believed in.  I spent the past few years talking, sharing, eating, enjoying and respecting one another.  Thanks to Matron and the staff which made this possible.  I am really proud to say that “I will always be proud of my beloved school and the hostel”. It just happened to be my 2nd home even though it’s not in my country.  I always felt warmth and happiness when I stepped inside this fantastic place.

For three years, I stayed at SBHS.  I got lots of good friends and great teachers, as time went on my life started to change.  What I remember is that I started to pick up kiwi accents like “aye?” or “giday mate” for me it is really funny because coming from a different cultural perspective, I quickly picked up kiwi culture in no time.

Prince Royals’ College – Thailand

“I came to New Zealand and was afraid because I miss my Dad and Mum.  After I adjust I begin to speak a lot of English and play with my friends here.  Next year I want to come back to you.” – Ice, Year 8

“The first day I was here I felt very excited and I immediately contacted my family.  When I saw their face my tears came out.  They smiled at me and started to cheer me up and it made me smile.  I talked to them for a while, then I stopped the call.  The first day at school I got a new uniform that is different from my old school and got lots of new friends.  After Easter I moved to a new class, with boys my age and I got lots of new friends.  Some of them I knew from last year, but lots of them I didn’t.  On my holiday in Te Anau I went on a boat and that was great fun.  I got to try fishing and that was great fun too.  On my holiday with Thai students it was really fun.  The best part was cooking a meal by  ourselves.  I love to cook food and on my holiday I cooked a steak for myself and I cooked one for Ice and Book too.  Now I feel I really don’t want to go back to Thailand and I’m  looking at the option of studying at Southland Boys’ High School for a whole year.” – Non, Year 8

“I came to New Zealand because I want to improve my English so that it gets better and better.  When I came here I found good teachers and friends.  I want to say thanks to Miss Mulligan when I didn’t understand something she would try to explain it to me.  I also want to thank Mr Ray because if I had a problem he would try to solve it.  That to all of my friends to being nice to me.” – Touch, Year 8