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Uniform Shop

All boys must wear school uniform. Parents are asked to see that all items are named and kept in good order at all times so that students may take pride in their appearance.

Please note: The current blue junior shirt is being phased out and replaced with a polo shirt - in short or long sleeve. However, the current blue shirt is still correct uniform and can be worn. The new house PE top is reversible, with house colours on one side, and the PE top on the other. The current PE top is still correct uniform and can be worn. 

Standard School Uniform Years 7 - 10

Dress Uniform Years 11 - 13

Navy blue SBHS polo shirt (long or short sleeve)

White shirt

Navy blue SBHS pullover or SBHS vest

School tie

Navy blue SBHS shorts

Charcoal grey SBHS school trousers

Navy blue SBHS socks

SBHS school blazer

Black lace up school shoes with non-marking sole

SBHS school vest

SBHS school jacket [no other jacket is permitted]

Black dress shoes with non-marking soles


Navy blue or charcoal grey socks

PE Uniform Years 7 - 10


SBHS top


SBHS shorts


Gym shoes