Values & Strategic Plan


There are six values that are the cornerstones of Southland Boys’ High School. The values that we live are visible in what we do, what we say and how we treat others. We focus throughout the year on teaching the meanings of these values and helping the boys to incorporate them in their everyday lives.

The six values are:

Our Values

Our Rules


Follow the “Boys’ High Way”. Value all people and all cultures. Respect rightful authority.


Consider the feelings of others. Be fair to all people.


Support each other, your school and your community. Work for the common good.


Make the most of your learning opportunities and help others to do the same. Take ownership of your life. Value the environment and look after it now and for the future.


Tell the truth. Live life honourably. Be someone that others can trust. Own up to your mistakes.


Complete the task to the best of your ability, even if it is difficult. Think about your progress, remain curious and keep trying new ideas.

Strategic Plan

The Southland Boys’ High School Strategic Plan was established by the Board of Trustees in consultation with the community of Southland Boys’ High School.  It is specifically designed to meet the learning and developmental needs of young men.

It outlines the School’s Mission and Vision Statement, the detail of which is developed in the Core Elements.

SBHS Strategic Plan 2021-2022