A traditional school with a contemporary heart

Educating Boys

Southland Boys’ High School has a firm focus on what works for boys.

Students in single sex schools can stand to gain more confidence, both academically and personally, and achieve more in the scope of their ambition compared to their peers in co-ed schools. 

Southland Boys’ High School aspires to provide an holistic education for each student. We strive for articulate, well-rounded students who can successfully transition from the world of school into the world of work or further study.

Values are at the heart of Southland Boys’ High School and underpin everything we do. Our six universal values; compassion, honesty, perseverance, respect, responsibility and service, help students understand their commitment to their family, their school and their community. 

School Donation

The school donation is set annually by the School Board. School donations help fund the running of the school and provide resources for students that cannot be met from operational grants (i.e. library books and sports equipment). It is tax refundable and a receipt can be requested from the school office. The donation is currently set at $100 per student, or $165 per family.

The PTA donation is also a tax deductible, voluntary payment to support the PTA in providing equipment and services to the school. The current charge is $15 per family.

Course Contributions

Pupils are charged for the materials that they use and keep in practical subjects such as Technology.

Curriculum based activities such as camps and field trips also reply on payment by participants to allow these activities to take place.