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Student Services

Southland Boys’ High School provides a range of student services to help support student learning and enhance student welfare. Students are encouraged to seek help and/or support from any of the student support groups available.

Information provided in this section includes Careers Advice, Learning Support, Pastoral Care, Kai Arahi [Deans] and Guidance and Counselling.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are a wonderful communication tool between parents and sons. Unfortunately, their use can also be abused. Students are not permitted to use cell phones during class times. We would urge you not to contact your son during class time and to contact the school office in cases of emergency.


If a student is going to be absent through illness, parents are to please phone the Attendance Officer 03 211 3003, ext 810 and leave a message.  On a student’s first day back to school after an illness he must have a signed note from his parent/guardian for his academic tutor or homeroom teacher. If a student is to be away from school for any reason other than illness, permission needs to be sought. Please contact the school in writing to request such leave.


Valuables must be handed in to the teacher or coach during Physical Education or sports practices. They must not be left in students’ school bags. These include mobile phones, wallets, jewellery or any item deemed to be valuable. Please help the School to eliminate theft at Southland Boys’.

Information about each student

If there is anything that may affect your son’s learning, it is vital that the School be informed. Often issues happening outside school may impact on behaviour and well-being. Having some knowledge of this can be really beneficial, as support structures can be put in place. For general situations, the student’s academic tutor or homeroom teacher is the first point of contact. For confidential matters parents/caregivers are to please contact the student’s Kai Arahai [Dean], the Guidance Counsellor or Mr Simon Coe, the Rector.


Every student had the right to expect a safe and secure environment at Southland Boys’. If this is not what each student is experiencing, we need to know.  Bullying won’t go away; boys shouldn’t ‘just handle it’ – we need to know. By reporting this type of behaviour parents/caregivers are not only protecting their sons, they are also helping the bully who needs correction, guidance and support.  Any incidence of bullying should be reported to the student’s the Kai Arahi [Dean].

Lost Property

Generally items which are reported to parents as ‘being stolen’ have been left behind by students in various places. There are often jerseys, jackets, shoes, sports equipment, phones, watches, wallets, etc in lost property and all are unnamed. Boys may check the Lost Property at the gymnasium during morning breaks or at lunchtime. If items are named and handed in, they are returned to the students immediately.

Student Appearance

Please ensure students are presenting themselves correctly when walking to and from school. It is important that what the public see is representative of the standards we set and expect. Each student’s uniform should reflect his pride in the school. Please refer to the Uniform Requirements page on the website for uniform standards.


Students who feel unwell or injured are able to receive first aid assistance. In the first instance, students are to report to the Main Office for assessment. Parents/caregivers will be contacted as necessary.


An on-site physiotherapist is available on Tuesdays for boys requiring this service.   Appointments may be made through the Main Office.