A traditional school with a contemporary heart


Some families have had young men in a particular House for generations. This, and the sense of belonging and family that permeates the school means that the annual House Competition is fiercely contested and is held across a number of events throughout the year. These include Sports’ Day, the House Chant for Sports’ Day, two singing competitions, the Haka, Lip Sync and Sevens. Each House is led by a staff member supported by a Year 13 House Captain and two deputies.

The school has five houses - Coldstream, Deaker, Grant, Pearce and Uttley.

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House Captain: Daniel Lord

The origin of Coldstream house comes from Coldstream Hostel, and this sets us apart from the other houses. We have our own brotherhood within the school.

We are the strongest house in unison, and whilst while other houses wish to have a brotherhood like our own, they always crumble once they see the mighty colour of Coldstream Orange.

Perseverance and compassion are two main ingredients to being a Coldstream brother. We will never give up even when the odds are not in our favour. Nothing can match the amazing feeling of being a Coldstream machine!

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House Captain: Rico Fisher

Deaker House epitomises the core school values. Those who belong to Deaker display upstanding behaviour both in and outside the classroom, while also modelling ideal mannerisms for those younger students.

A fun, embracing culture is created by all those involved in our house, both students and staff. We encourage all members of Deaker to become involved in interhouse competitions, including basketball, tug-of-war, cultural challenges, and most famously – sports day.

Deaker has a rich history of high performing in the house competition. We take pride in our actions and strive to perform to the best of our abilities. Our willingness and perseverance as a house never comes under scrutiny. We will warmly welcome your son and provide a sense of belonging, one which will be filled with fun, and memories to last a lifetime.

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House Captain: Sakaria Peseta

Talofa Lava. Grant house has a profound legacy that I am privileged to be a part of. Centred around the core values of Southland Boys’ High School, we take pride in representing compassion, honesty, perseverance, respect, responsibility and service, whilst remaining strong as individuals.

Grant house is a brotherhood, where valuable bonds between the boys have been made and strengthened throughout many years; uplifting each other in all aspects of life.

Culture within Grant house is of significant value. Juniors and Seniors practice the art of ‘tuakana-teina’, and the sharing of knowledge, strength and skills. We are dedicated to working as a team - not only in house events, but also in education and sporting opportunities.

We urge the boys to take every opportunity available and hope to see them thrive. Through everything we ensure that Grant house will always have their back. ‘One band plays one sound, and one group creates one family’.

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House Captain: Josh Evans

Being the Peace house leader for 2022 is an honour and a challenge I accept.

This year is important to me because this will be the last year I can compete in any of the school events, such as sports day and other fun activities.

Throughout the year the house leaders encourage competition between houses with small tournaments. This brings the boys in the house together regularly to compete for the house shield.

The house competitions aren’t just sports however. We do have cultural competitions which consists of performing the school haka, singing a song and doing a lip sync which gets everyone in the house involved.  

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House Captain: Mack Raines

Uttley house has a long tradition of both sporting and artistic members. From basketball to visual art, we represent the many facets that symbolise the Southland Boys’ brotherhood.

We have been known across the years as the underdog, but we pride ourselves on doing our best. The Uttley brotherhood is named after Doctor George H. Uttley who was a Rector of Southland Boys’ High School from 1930 to 1946.

Our spirit is strong, and we hope that we can continue the traditions that have been passed down by previous Uttley members. We are looking forward to the upcoming cultural and sporting challenges in the next few months.