A traditional school with a contemporary heart


Some families have had young men in a particular House for generations. This, and the sense of belonging and family that permeates the school means that the annual House Competition is fiercely contested and is held across a number of events throughout the year. These include Sports’ Day, the House Chant for Sports’ Day, two singing competitions, the Haka, Lip Sync and Sevens. Each House is led by a staff member supported by a Year 13 House Captain and two deputies.

The school has five houses - Coldstream, Deaker, Grant, Pearce and Uttley.

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House Captain: Fraser Wilson

Coldstream House holds a long-standing and profound legacy throughout Southland Boys’ High School. The roots of the house are formed by Coldstream Hostel, and combined with the Coldstream day boys. This is what makes our brotherhood strong and gives us a point of difference.

Coldstream is known for upholding the Southland Boys’ values and having a culture rich in respect and perseverance. Coldstream displays this when our brothers strive to perform to the best of their abilities both in and out of the classrooms. 

We encourage everyone in our house to take every opportunity presented to them – particularly with house competitions as this is where the most pride is shown. Especially on sports day! 

Our house builds memories to last a lifetime, which makes it something truly special to belong to the brotherhood of Coldstream.

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House Captain: Ethan Brock

Deaker House epitomises the core school values. Those who belong to Deaker display outstanding behaviour both in and outside the classroom, while also modelling ideal mannerisms for those younger students. 

A fun, embracing culture is created by all those involved in our house, both students and staff. We encourage all members of Deaker to become involved in interhouse competitions, including basketball, tug-of-war, cultural challenges, and most famously – sports day. 

Deaker has a rich history of high performing in the house competition. We take pride in our actions and strive to perform to the best of our abilities. Our willingness and perseverance as a house never comes under scrutiny. We will warmly welcome your son and provide a sense of belonging, one which will be filled with fun and memories to last a lifetime.

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House Captain: Matt Johnson

Kia ora koutou. Grant House has a long history of upholding our school values and putting them to work, whether it be in the classroom, sports or just everyday life. Everyone placed into Grant steps into the brotherhood of the house from the beginning of school. 

Grant is a mixed culture house, but we all come together as one team for our cultural competition, sports day and our interhouse competition. We are a proud bunch of boys who aren’t afraid to step up when needed. We stick up for each other when times are rough – the value of brotherhood. Our seniors put into practice the art of ‘tuakana-teina’ to help our juniors by sharing our strengths, skills, stories and knowledge. 

We are a team for life. We warmly welcome your son into a brotherhood that he will cherish and remember his whole lifetime. 

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House Captain: Aubrey Page

Pearce House has a long history of sporting and artistic students – from everyone participating in athletics day to trying to beat Coldstream in the House Shield competition.

Pearce House used to be a lot smaller. There was another house called Page, named after Jim Page who is also the namesake of our gym. Pearce was named after Mr T. D. Pearce, a previous rector from 1904 to 1929. Page merged with Pearce to form the larger, stronger house that we have today.

House competitions are always about giving it your all, and the brotherhood displayed throughout our house will last for years. So far this year, we haven’t placed our name under the Shield, but I’m hoping we can work together to get Pearce on there for the first time!

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House Captain: Gregor Rutledge

Uttley House has a long tradition of sporting and academic excellence, while epitomizing the school’s core values. Those who belong to Uttley are a part of a brotherhood that displays respectful behavior both in and out of the classroom, while creating valuable, lifelong bonds between the boys. 

The Uttley House and classroom block is named after Dr George H. Uttley, who was the fifth Rector of Southland Boys’ High School from 1930 to 1946. George Uttley created the legacy and brotherhood that encourages members of Uttley to be part in house competitions and other cultural challenges, ensuring we put our best foot forward and perform to the best of our abilities.  

Over the years Uttley has been known as the underdog. However, this year we placed our name under the Shield for the first time. Our spirit is strong, and we hope to continue the Uttley traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. We are looking forward to the upcoming cultural and house challenges this year. Hopefully we can retain the Shield and get some points under Uttley’s name!