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Southland Primary School Athletics Championships

Surrey Park - Saturday 19 November

A very successful day at the track for our Year 7 & 8 boys at the Southland Primary Schools Athletics Champs. Thank you to the athletes who took part, and to the senior boys who helped officiate at events. Thanks also to the parents who helped at relays and supported our athletes. 

Boys 10

Hunter Flowers - 800m 1st, 100m 2nd, 200m 2nd, Long Jump 2nd

Izaac Brown - Discus, 100m 20th, 200m 21st

Ryan Officer - Shot Put 10th, High Jump 13th, Discus 5th

Oliver Roubroeks - 100m 28th, 200m 24th, 800m 20th

Manix Symon - Shot Put 7th

Deacon Koenig - High Jump 23rd, Long Jump 23rd

Lucas Keil - Long Jump 20th, High Jump 15th, Shot Put 15th

Dominic Patterson - High Jump 24thFlynn McCallum - Shot Put 12th

Jacob Frisby - 100m 4th, 200m 16th, Long Jump 16th

Relay - Jacob Frisby, Hunter Flowers, Oliver Roubroeks, Izaac Brown -1st

Boys 11

Quinn O’Connor - 1500m 1st, 800m 3rd

Jed Brodie - Nerf-3rd

Tyrell Poihakena-Jackson - 800m 15th, 1500m 9th

Josh Brook - Discus 8th

Zavier Te Amo - 800m 16th, 1500m 11th

Toby Bekhuis - Shot Put 7th, Discus 10th

Maxwell Laughton - Discus 3rd, High Jump 2nd, Shot Put 5th

Brannon Lowe - 100m 6th, 200m 6th

Lukas Heffernan - 100m 13th, 200m 13th, Long Jump 10th

Arley McLaren - 100m 7th, 200m 11th, Long Jump 1st, High Jump 7th

Perry Kennedy - High Jump 8th

Ryan McLean - Shot Put 12th

Jonty Muir - Long Jump 8th, Nerf 6th

Callum Temple-Doig - 1500m 3rd

Travis Wech - Long Jump 16th, 800m 14th

Relay - Arley McLaren, Lukas Heffernan, Brannon Lowe, Perry Kennedy -2nd

Boys 12

Sam Lawrence - Long Jump 6th, High Jump 8th, Shot Put 6th, 100m 13th

Giancarlo Conibeer - 100m 2nd, 200m 1st

Cooper Boyce - Nerf 3rd=Toby King - Shot Put 8th

Leon Conibeer - 100m 1st, 200m 3rd

Seth Officer - Long Jump 15th, High Jump 3rd=Tyson Hollis - 100m 4th, 200m 6th, Long Jump 7th

Alex Gwynne - 1500m 11th

Jake Garrick - 800m 3rd

Baxter Sloan - Shot Put 4th, Nerf 3rd= , Discus 7th

Lochlan Bruce -1500m 14th

Santiago Largacha-Hurtado - 800m 5th

Aidan Barclay - 1500m 9th, Nerf 6th

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