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Japanese Trivia Night

The annual Junior Japanese Trivia night took place on Friday 18 June 2023 at James Hargest College.

Congratulations to Mitchell Armishaw, Ryan Thompson, and Israel Henwood from Southland Boys' High School for their outstanding performance at the New Zealand Association of Japanese Language Teachers (NZAJLT) Junior Japanese Trivia Night. As a team, they secured the top score among the participating teams. Although they ended up in 3rd place after the draw question, it is a remarkable achievement. They should be proud of their accomplishment!

The Junior Japanese Trivia night categories include Sports and Festivals, Food, Daily Life, Pop Culture, and Geography, with approximately 10 questions in each. Teams work together to answer questions, within the given time of 20 seconds (for true/false questions) or 30 seconds (for trivia questions), on their answer sheet, given to the markers after each of the 5 rounds. The team with the most questions correct at each venue shall be deemed the winner.

Year 9 students Morgan Coe, Oliver Deans, Will Lankow, Liam Karslake, Leo Dugaan, and Alex Dallas, along with Year 8 students Hasnat Abdullah, Thomas Warnock, and Max Bekhuis, participated in and enjoyed the NZAJLT Junior Japanese Trivia Night. Their participation demonstrates their interest in Japanese language and culture.

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