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Athletics Championships

The South Island Secondary School Athletics were held in Invercargill from 31 March - 2 April 2023, and the Southland Primary Schools Athletics Champs took place at Surrey Park, on Saturday 25 March. Congratulations to all athletes on taking part, and congratulations to those who broke records!

South Island Secondary Schools Champs 2023 - 31 March - 2 April, Invercargill

Under 19

James McLeay - 800m 2nd, 1500m 2nd

Jack Cole - Discus 3rd


Under 15 

Cody Lawson - 200m 1st (South Island Record) 400m 1st, 100m 2nd

Jakob Voorkamp - 80m Hurdles 1st, 800m 2nd, 100m 12th  

Harry Fletcher - Shot Put 2nd

4x100m Relay - 3rd Jakob Voorkamp, Leon Conibeer, Harry Fletcher, Cody Lawson


Under 14

Leon Conibeer - 100m 11th, 200m 17th

Giancarlo Conibeer - 100m 12th, 200m 16th

Seth Officer - High Jump 8th

Benjamin Vesikuru - Javelin 9th

Southland Primary Schools Athletics Champs - Surrey Park, Saturday 25 March 


Boys 10

George O’Leary - 100m 13th, 200m 21st, Long Jump 1st, High Jump 4th

Liam Bates - 100m 26th, 200m 18th

Luke Cronin - 800m 17th, 1500m 14th

Lachie De Garnham - Discus 19th

James Domigan - Long Jump 22nd, High Jump 12th, Shot Put 17th

Cruze Hackell - 200m 25th

Braxden McNaught - 800m 15th, 1500m 10th

Max Rabbitte - 200m 22nd, Discus 17th, Long Jump 22nd

Jenson Reidy - 100m 25th

Bede Scully - 800m 19th, Discus 6th, High Jump 12th, Shot Put 13th

Mason Steel - Shot Put 14th

Relay - George O’Leary, Luke Cronin, Jenson Reidy, Liam Bates-11th


Boys 11

Brock Smith - 800m 2nd, 1500m 2nd, High Jump 1st, Long Jump 2nd

Hunter Flowers - 800m 1st (SBHS Record), 1500m 1st (SBHS Record), Long Jump 9th, Discus 6th

Arlo Fletcher - Shot Put 1st, Discus 1st, 100m 14th

Ryan Officer - Discus 2nd

Lochie Phillips - Vortex 3rd (SBHS Record)

James Hillman - Vortex 5th

Izaac Brown - 100m 18th, 200m 19th

Brock Atiken - 100m 11th, 200m 14th

Alexander Jackson - 800m 15th, 1500m 14th

Jacob Frisby - 100m 12th, High Jump 4th

Mason McIlwrick - 800m 13th, 1500m 10th

Lachlan McKay - 200m 17th, Long Jump 13th

Charlie Vincent - 200m 11th

Angus Wisely - Discus 4th

Relay - Jacob Frisby, Arlo Fletcher, Brock Atiken, Izaac Brown - 6th


Boys 12

Quinn O’Connor - 1500m 3rd, 800m 2nd, Vortex 4th

Josh Brook - Shot Put 10th

Zavier Te Amo - Shot Put 11th, Discus 8th, 100m 19th

Hoani Burdon - 800m 10th

Mitchell Christie - 200m 6th, Shot Put 9th, Discus 4th

Lucas Hamilton - 100m12th, 200m 11th

Rylan Scott - 100m 17th, High Jump 10th, Discus 11th

Tupufia Lafoga - 800m 13th, 1500m 11th

Jonty Muir - 200m 13th, Vortex 8th, Long Jump 11th

Arley McLaren -100m 7th, 200m 9th, Long Jump 3rd, High Jump 10th

Relay - Arley McLaren, Lucas Hamilton, Rylan Scott, Zavier Te Amo - 3rd


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