All boys must wear school uniform.  Parents are asked to see that all items are named and kept in good order at all times so that students may take pride in their appearance.

Standard School Uniform [compulsory Years 7-10]
Navy blue SBHS shirt
Navy blue SBHS pullover or SBHS vest
Navy blue SBHS shorts
Navy blue SBHS socks
Black leather lace up dress / school shoes with non-marking soles
SBHS scarf [optional]
NZ Standards Approved cycle helmet
SBHS school jacket – compulsory [no other jacket is permitted]
Navy blue beanie

Year 11
The wearing of the senior uniform is a privilege.  Year 11 students may wear either junior or senior dress uniform.  If they wish to wear the senior uniform, they must demonstrate that they can respect the privilege.

Dress Uniform [Years 12-13]
White shirt
School tie
Charcoal grey SBHS school trousers
SBHS school blazer [compulsory]
SBHS school vest
Black, leather, dress [school] shoes with non-marking soles
Navy blue or charcoal grey socks

[Year 11-13 boys may continue to wear either the junior uniform or the senior dress uniform, but not a combination of both]

PE Uniform – Years 7-10 [compulsory]
SBHS top
SBHS shorts
Gym shoes

The uniform is for PE, not classroom or street wear

Hair must be natural in appearance. Unnatural colours and / or multi coloured hair is unacceptable
Hair length must be appropriate for school – off the collar and out of the eyes
Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable. These include shaven, mohawk, tails, steps, dreads or other extreme fashion styles
Faces must be clean shaven. Beards, moustaches, sideburns are not acceptable

Students must arrive at school and leave school only in full school uniform [not in their PE uniform].  

Uniform Shop

During the normal school terms the uniform shop is open during school hours.

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Thank you for your understanding and continued support through this difficult and rapidly changing time. Changes have been imposed to school term times.  The school holidays will now run from Monday 30 March to Tuesday 14 April 2020.   Term 2 will begin on Wednesday 15 April with distance learning, the school site will remain closed.  Work has been and will continue to be provided online to students.  We will  keep you updated as and when the situation changes. Stay home, Stay Safe, Stay Strong.